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Summer School 2015 is Now OPEN!

Enjoy Summer Freedom and Online Flexibility

International Connections Academy (iNaCA) online summer school students stay engaged academically while enjoying the freedom of summer. With more than 100 different online courses to choose from, flexible start dates, and exciting programs to enrich your child’s summer, iNaCA online summer school will suit your student’s academic needs and your family’s busy summer schedule.

Earn Necessary Credit, Explore Fresh Interests, and Build New Skills

Whether you’re a high school senior needing a math credit for graduation, a middle school student interested in taking a foreign language class over the summer, or a parent seeking a summer enrichment activity for your kindergartner, iNaCA summer programs provide the solution:

  • High School Original Credit Courses encourage high school students to satisfy graduation requirements, explore new interests, or accelerate their academic progress in courses ranging anywhere from digital photography to computer technology to math.
  • High School Credit Recovery Courses ensure students earn the credits to move forward and acquire the skills to succeed.
  • High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses allow high school students to combine both college preparation and workforce skills development into one customized education program, helping to turn curiosities into careers.
  •  Summer Smarts Math and Language Arts Programs give your 2nd through 8th grade students a chance to review foundational skills and catch up with his or her peers. Summer Smarts Math and Language Arts Programs are offered as a 5-week, 7-week, or 9-week program.
  • K-8 Educational Technology Courses for students in grades K-8 combine essential reading and math skills with technology instruction, making learning fun and relevant for today's tech-savvy student.
  • K-8 World Language Courses introduce your 2nd through 8th grade students to the Spanish language through flexibly-paced online instruction combined with live practice with language fluent speakers.
  • NCAA Eligible Courses are available for high school students seeking original credit or credits needed for graduation. Important restrictions apply.

*Discounts are available. All courses purchased with a discount must be conducted over the phone. The website will not accommodate discounts nor will credit be given for courses purchased online. Click here for details.

Enrollment and Attendance: “Rolling” Start and End Dates

International Connections Academy's online summer school courses have great flexibility to fit your family’s summer schedule.

  • Choose your start date* (June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th; July 7th).
  • Last day of class (and last end date) is August 4th.

* If you are taking a full credit course (both A and B sections) the start date for the B section must begin four weeks after the A section. A Curriculum Based Assessment, conducted during a phone call with the teacher, is required for all high school course prior to the end date of each course to verify learning in order to receive course credit. Students who do not complete the Curriculum Based Assessment call will not earn high school credit for the course. 

For students new to iNaCA or its summer programs, please contact one of our Admissions Advisors at 877-804-6222 for more information on enrolling and transferring credits.

Enrolling is easy! Just call our Admissions Advisors at 877-804-6222!