Part-Time Student Enrollment

Part-time courses are available only in the Fall and Spring semesters.  If you are interested in courses offered during the summer months, please visit our Summer School section.

Enrollment for the Spring 2015 semester is still OPEN!

part-time program allows you to choose from hundreds of courses for students in grades K–12. Through our innovative methods and curriculum, part-time students can experience the freedom and flexibility of our online learning community from anywhere. Students seeking flexible learning opportunities in a unique, self-paced environment with engaging and rich curriculum can choose to:

  • Explore subjects unavailable at local schools like Advanced Placement, gifted and talented and honors courses, and a wide range of foreign language courses.
  • Solve a scheduling problem if a particular course is not available at a convenient time or during the summer from the local school.
  • Gain additional course credits to either accelerate or get back on track.
  • Strengthen skills in core subjects.
  • Engage in an online learning environment for the first time. 

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Interested in learning more about International Connections Academy?  Then join us for one of our regular online Information Sessions.  There you can speak with an Admissions Advisor, counselor and/or teacher in order to get a better understanding of the International Connections experience.  Please register for an online Information Session today!